Minnesota Interagency Coordination Center Input Forms
Resource Status
Unit Staffing Level Duty Officer Night Duty Officer Engines in Service Support Vehicle Other Resources Comments Updated
SUF-Kawishisi RD Low (1) E651 Backe, Saumer, Pichay, Tepes, Schwartz C52 Broughten, Wissmiller, Gonzalez, Vass, Nielan Selmer, Rova Duty Officer (218)365-2041
AADM- Gus Smith (218)235-1605
21-Oct-2019 10:39:06
SUF- Lacroix RD Low (1) E661 - Schmidt, Weise, Zdanek, Stanley: Committed Florida National Forests C61 Friedmeyer, Diepenhorst Galazen Duty Officer (218) 365-2041
AADM- Lee Stewart (218) 256-1028
21-Oct-2019 10:39:27
SUF- Laurentian RD Low (1) E612 Petrack C12 Ivey(working w/C61) Knapper, Chopp Duty Officer (218) 365-2041
AADM- Gus Smith (218) 235-1605
21-Oct-2019 10:39:56
SUF- Grand Marais RD Low (1) Gulan Gulan E-621: Unstaffed
E-622: Unstaffed
    Duty Officer: 218-370-0320
AADM-Ellen Bogardus-Szymaniak (218) 206-4402
28-Oct-2019 7:50:52
SUF- Tofte RD Low (1) Gulan Gulan E-671: Unstaffed     Duty Officer: 218-370-0320
AADM-Ellen Bogardus-Szymaniak (218) 206-4402
28-Oct-2019 7:53:23
CPF- Blackduck RD Low (1) Klick Klick E-611: Contact DO for available resources C-10: Unstaffed Mansson: 218-370-0313 Mackey: DO 218-820-4507 2-Dec-2019 17:10:21
CPF- Deer River RD Low (1) Klick Klick E-632 - Contact DO for available resources
E-633 - Parked for Winter
C-30 - Unstaffed Cook - 218-507-0740 DO 218-820-4507 2-Dec-2019 17:09:46
CPF- Walker RD Low (1) Klick Klick E-655 - Contact DO for available resources
E-654 - Unavailable (Parked for Winter)
C-50 - Focht, Goldsmith, Daly
ASV - Unstaffed
Klick - 218-343-3277
DO 218-820-4507
10-Dec-2019 8:50:15
DNR- Two Harbors Moderate (2) Poyhonen Poyhonen E-725-T6 Wesyon/Lui
E-270-T7 W/ J5 #28 Buell/Mohar
Chase Truck Dozer Available upon request DO Cell 218-576-6601 25-Jul-2019 12:21:29
DNR- Finland Moderate (2) Poyhonen Poyhonen E-271-T6
Chase Truck Available upon request DO-218-576-6601 25-Jul-2019 12:21:04
DNR- Grand Marais Moderate (2) Poyhonen Poyhonen E-751-T6
2 Chase Trucks Available upon request DO-218-576-6601 25-Jul-2019 12:22:16
BIA- Bois Forte Low (1) Alex Mehne Alex Mehne BFA-E1 T6
UTV 6x6 75 gal Law Enforcement: Chris Burdick
(218) 348-3745
DO: (269) 409-1760
Hours: 1000-1800
8-Jun-2019 10:39:42
BIA- Grand Portage Low (1) Tim Miller Chad Spry       Day TM(218)475-2033 or EC(218)2035 or CS (218) 370-0739 Evening TM(218)370-1163 or EC(218)370-1414 or CS (218) 370-0739 30-Jul-2019 8:50:14

Aviation Resources

Location Agency Type Make/Model ID Capacity Pilot Manager Comments
Grand RapidsDNRWheelsKodiak529NREttl
BrainerdDNRHelicopter T-3Bell 206 L-419BH144PeltierNelson
AppletonDNRFire BossAT 802FB-204799DornanHemphill
MOAs / MTRs:

None reported

BLASTING / TFRs / NOTAMs / Advisory:
Blast/TFR Hibbing 47 27 27 N x 92 55 14 W Alt 3000 1130-1230

Blast/TFR Keetac Blasting 47 24 57 N x 93 06 57 W Alt 5000 1200-1300
Notes: USFS Aviation duty day TBD,
Xcel Energy is conducting maintenance between Warroad and Hibbing with an MD-500. A map was sent to bases via email.

Grand Rapids 0754/1800
Hibbing 0752/1758
Updated: 30-Oct-2019 8:23:44

MNCC Recent Incidents as of 01/15/2020 02:26

Date Inc # Name Type Location Comment Acres
No Fires!

Fire Weather

Duluth, MN   Grand Forks, ND   Chanhassen, MN   Aberdeen, SD   La Crosse, WI   Spot Weather Request

MNCC Staffing Status

Comments: Staffing Hours: M-F 0800-1630
Desk Name Contact
Acting Operations ACM Amanda Jones 218-327-4175 (Out Of Office)
Lead Operations Dispatcher Leith McAuley 218-327-4175 (Out Of Office)
Operations Dispatcher Angela Porter 218-327-4175
Aircraft ACM Anna Hines 218-327-4582
Logistics ACM Tasha Woodwick 218-322-2743 (Out Of Office)
Intelligence Officer Diane Nygaard 218-322-2745
Information Officer Leanne Langeberg 218-322-2739
Updated: 2-Jan-2020 8:32:21